Tourist Places in Baños de Agua Santa

Tourist Places in Baños de Agua Santa.

Tourist Places Baños de Agua Santa

Tourist places with cultural and recreational character

Park of the family

A precise name to strengthen the family gathering, surrounded by green and recreational areas where adults and children can enjoy healthy entertainment.

Tarabita Mantle of the Bride

La Tarabita is hilarious, an attraction for adrenaline lovers with all safety regulations and going over the waterfall is wonderful !!

Basilica of Baños

It is a place of devotion and Catholic faith. Many believers of the Virgin of the Rosary meet in this place to pray. You will be able to know the incredible miracles of the Blessed Virgin.

Gallery The refuge of the wind

To cross the threshold of your door is to transport yourself to a space many times not discovered inside each person and enjoy a magic that captivates the spirit; one that can give a small flower, a magical landscape, the transparency of a watercolor, the strength of the spatula or the life that the artist Edguin Barrera offers in his works.

Mama Tungurahua Exhibition

Observe photographic samples, volcanic stones and samples of the eruptive process of the Tungurahua breast.

Limonturo Lagoon

Where bird watching in this place is wonderful, the balance of the ecosystem offers unparalleled landscapes. It is located near the area of the Cordillera de los LLanganates.

Community Tourism "Vizcaya"

A community that is dedicated to the production of blackberry of excellent quality, and has allowed the development in the agricultural field with the support of MAGAP.

Jigacho Historical and Orchid Collection

A different way to enjoy and learn more about nature through its history and knowledge of orchid care.

Panticucho Tourist Farm

If you are looking for an unusual experience living with farm animals this is your opportunity to visit this wonderful place.

Orquideario Río Verde

It is a place that houses around 140 species of Ecuadorian orchids and 50 varieties of hybrid species. The tour can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Here you can also purchase hybrid orchids and crafts from the area.

Puntzan Canopy

Visit this wonderful place and enjoy the route with landscapes and waterfalls, through trails and 6 cable lines that complete a 2000 m circuit.

San Martín Adventure Park

The circuit offered by this park is a complete adventure in Baños. The excitement begins with a flight over the canyon of San Martín through a zipline or canopy of 850 m in length.

Pondoa Community Tourism Center

Here you can visit this beautiful place where it is possible to carry out several outdoor activities, paths, observe diversity in flora and fauna, and share daily activities with the community.


Take gastronomic tourism in Baños and try the delicious typical food, exquisite delicacies such as roasted guinea pig, Baneño sanduche, from Loja la horchata, Ambateño chocolate, baking, fries, llapinchos, librillo, yahuarlocro, churrasco, or an exquisite ceviche The best of Ecuadorian food is gathered in Baños.

We indicate the main tourist places to visit in banos de agua santa,, so you can make the most of your visit.

Puntzan Canopy - Outdoor Adventures Banos Ecuador

Puntzan Canopy - Outdoor Adventures Banos Ecuador

Puntzan Canopy S.A,LTD Is an Ecuadorian legally established company dedicated to outdoor adventures and specializing in Canopy Tours. With 10 years of experience and a variety of adventures, we have become the favorite place for adventure activities in Baños Ecuador.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most frequent questions that our clients have asked us in these 10 years of offering tourist services such as canopy and canyoning, surely you will also have asked yourself the following..!

01 What is the min/max number of people in a group?

The maximum number of people allowed in the adventure at the same time is 12 and the minimum is 2. The adventure time will be dependent on the total number of people with you.

02 What is the max weight allowed during Canopy or Canyoning?

The maximum weight allowed during Canopy is 240 pounds or 110 kg, according to the latest regulations in adventure sports.

03 What is the age limit?

The recommended minimum age limit for this adventure is 8 years old.

04 Is the equipment used properly maintained?

We perform daily controls of our equipment and facilities. We also make detailed weekly checks on cables, shackles, mooring, harness, carabiners and pulleys.

05 How safe are your overall activities?

Our construction materials are of the best quality, with quality certificates granted by the regulatory bodies. Moreover, our harnesses and equipment are the best brands of quality certified safety equipment recognized worldwide. And lastly you are guided by specially qualified guides whose number 1 priority is safety.

06 Do you have an insurance policy?

Yes, our company has a business insurance (known as “Civil Responsibility Insurance”), however we recommend all travelers to get a traveler's insurance on their own.

07 Do you require a waiver to be signed?

Yes, each person is required to sign a waiver (known as “Waiver of Responsibility and Risk Assumption”). This is done so the person knows exactly the level of physical activity expected on the adventure and any risk level associated with it. We believe in full transparency as an informed tourist is a more responsible tourist.

08 Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we provide transportation to our facility and back to your place anywhere in Banos. You will be contacted to confirm any special transportation arrangements days before the activity takes place.

09 Has there been any accidents?

Security has always been our top priority. In 10 years there has been NO accidents.

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