Itinerary Adventure Pack Baños Ecuador

Each activity allows you to see stunning landscapes and connect more with the flora and fauna that surrounds you. With a total of 5 activities, we can assure you that your adventure will be full of adrenaline, challenges and emotion that you will never forget.

Flying Canopy

450 mtrs

Altitude: Starts at 70 mtrs and ends on 2 mtrs, Speed: Up to 90km.

In Between: 4 minute walk

Seated Canopy

300 mtrs

Altitude: Starts at 70 mtrs and ends on 2 mtrs, Speed: Up to 70km

In Between: 10 minute walk

2 line Tibetan bridge

60 mtrs

Altitude: 15 mtrs.

In Between: Via Ferrata: 10 mtrs (curved)

Flying Skateboard

100 mtrs

Altitude: 30 mtrs.

In Between: Via Ferrata: 40 mtrs (going up)

Tibetan Bridge

90 mtrs

Altitude: 80 mtrs.

In Between: Via Ferrata: 15mtrs (going up)


  • Transport
  • Professional instructors
  • Equipment

What to bring?

  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Water
  • Hiking or training shoes
  • Photographs can be purchased on the site for $ 5 USD upon request.

Adventure time: 2 hours

*May vary depending the number of tourists

Puntzan Canopy - Outdoor Adventures Banos Ecuador

Puntzan Canopy - Outdoor Adventures Banos Ecuador

Puntzan Canopy S.A,LTD Is an Ecuadorian legally established company dedicated to outdoor adventures and specializing in Canopy Tours. With 10 years of experience and a variety of adventures, we have become the favorite place for adventure activities in Baños Ecuador.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most frequent questions that our clients have asked us in these 10 years of offering tourist services such as canopy and canyoning, surely you will also have asked yourself the following..!

01 What is the min/max number of people in a group?

The maximum number of people allowed in the adventure at the same time is 12 and the minimum is 2. The adventure time will be dependent on the total number of people with you.

02 What is the max weight allowed during Canopy or Canyoning?

The maximum weight allowed during Canopy is 240 pounds or 110 kg, according to the latest regulations in adventure sports.

03 What is the age limit?

The recommended minimum age limit for this adventure is 8 years old.

04 Is the equipment used properly maintained?

We perform daily controls of our equipment and facilities. We also make detailed weekly checks on cables, shackles, mooring, harness, carabiners and pulleys.

05 How safe are your overall activities?

Our construction materials are of the best quality, with quality certificates granted by the regulatory bodies. Moreover, our harnesses and equipment are the best brands of quality certified safety equipment recognized worldwide. And lastly you are guided by specially qualified guides whose number 1 priority is safety.

06 Do you have an insurance policy?

Yes, our company has a business insurance (known as “Civil Responsibility Insurance”), however we recommend all travelers to get a traveler's insurance on their own.

07 Do you require a waiver to be signed?

Yes, each person is required to sign a waiver (known as “Waiver of Responsibility and Risk Assumption”). This is done so the person knows exactly the level of physical activity expected on the adventure and any risk level associated with it. We believe in full transparency as an informed tourist is a more responsible tourist.

08 Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we provide transportation to our facility and back to your place anywhere in Banos. You will be contacted to confirm any special transportation arrangements days before the activity takes place.

09 Has there been any accidents?

Security has always been our top priority. In 10 years there has been NO accidents.

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