Who are we?

Puntzan Canopy is a touristy Project created by a family grop in the area of San Antonio in Baños de Agua Santa (a province of  Tungurahua).

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New experiences

The closest thing to flying is sliding through the air with a wire.

Enjoy the Biodiversity that Puntzán Canopy has.

Feel the adrenaline when throwing yourself between two mountains, held by a harness and pushed by the wind and gravity.

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Camping Zoe

An open air experience where you will be able to enjoy our beautiful landscapes.


It’s an activity where you slide with a zip line and climb up with ropes and through nets that are hung in the trees.

Opening of our Restaurant
Where we’ll offer National and International dishes.

About Canopy

Canopy is an extreme sport where you throw yourself from one place to another through means of a wire. The person is held with special equipment.


• Puntzan Canopy has trained guides to provide you with the best security. We also have the equipment made of resistant materials which support any weigh. We work with the brand Petzl.